Facilities Management

Facilities Management is the natural extension of MEP Division and caters to internal and external clients. The scope of Facilities Management starts as early as beginning of the project thereby involving in the shop drawing stages to provide necessary inputs required for safe maintenance of the systems. This division thrives to achieve zero mean times between any of our customer’s facilities thereby increasing the customer’s productivity and performance. We also help our clients reduce cost of energy consumption hence we save them from financial losses as well as reduces burden on environment.

We undertake following activities -

  • Complete Operation of the buildings and complexes
  • Preventive ,breakdown , shutdown maintenance services
  • Cleaning and hygiene services
  • Consultancy on Facilities Management
  • Third party commissioning

We undertake ventilation work in association with the Air- Conditioning system. The following systems are offered with design concept, supply, and installation, Test, Commissioning and Maintenance.

  1. Duct inline individual system for Bathroom, Pantry and kitchen.
  2. Car Park Ventilation with inline Ducted Fans, Extract Air- Ductwork, Extract Air Grilles and Extract Air Louvers.
  3. Central type Roof Mounted Extract system for Hotels, Malls and complexes.


  • Chilled water system complete including chillers, chilled water pumps, pressurization unit, chemical dosing system etc.
  • All types of chilled water & DX air handling units, fan coil units, ducted and decorative split units & packaged units.
  • Mechanical ventilation system complete comprising of basement extract, stairs & lift lobby pressurization, smoke extract, toilet & kitchen extract and fresh air system.
  • Air side works complete including all types of AC ducts, sound attenuators, ducting accessories, various kinds of plain & motorized dampers and air terminals.
  • HVAC control and building management systems.

Cladding Services

There are many different styles and materials for cladding. We have the best cladding work specialist and the best cladding services in Dubai at affordable rates. We can advise you on cladding and how to recognize these materials, how they tend to fail, and what to advise our client. Hire us as the Cladding Company in Dubai and we assure you we will satisfy your needs because keeping you happy is just as important to MPTS as adding you as a customer and making you happy to begin with. No other company can match the speed and accuracy of our cladding experts in Dubai.


Handyman Services

MPTS also provides the top quality Handyman Services in Dubai with complete Client Satisfaction. We promise you will love our Handyman Works in Dubai and will definitely come back to us for further assistance. We have the best experts as Handyman Company in Dubai and therefore known as Best Handyman Company in Dubai


Masonry Services

We have the top experts available for all of the services we provide. Not only do we have the experts but we have the best ability, best equipment and highly skilled masons to provide the COMPLETE MASONRY SERVICE in Dubai. 


Carpentry Services

MPTS is a good way to add value to your home as we are among the best carpentry company in Dubai. We believe that superior workmanship and experience matters and that shows in what we do. 


Painting Services

We provide painting services in Dubai at affordable rates. We recognize that painting is not an everyday occurrence for you. Therefore we are there as to preserve the value of your house and property. 


Partitions and False Ceilings Contracting Services

We have complete solutions regarding fixing systems for partitions and suspended ceilings. Hire us for partition services or false ceilings services in Dubai. 


Installation and Maintenance

We install, maintain, test, troubleshoot and repairs switches, cables, telecommunication equipment, A/c, sanitary fittings, plumbing, motors etc. No job is big or too small just give us a call.


Plumbing and Sanitary

  • Hot & Cold water installations
  • Soil & waste drainage system
  • Water & Sewage Treatment
  • Process piping
  • Bulk fuel tank, fuel piping and fuel pumping system

Ventilation & Air Filtration

Homes with excess moisture and inadequate ventilation cause biological pollutants, toxins and gases to accumulate and create Sick Home Syndrome, characterized by respiratory ailments, asthma, rash, dizziness, headache, nausea and difficulty concentrating. So always keep your ventilation and air filtration system neat and clean at all times.


Floor and Wall Tiling Works

MPTS have experts which will do the work with efficiency and provide quality results when it comes to floor and wall tiling works in Dubai. Wall and floor tiling is the affixing of tiles for functional or decorative use on internal or external surfaces.